March 31, 2005

Al Qaeda was Close to Developing WMD

The full story is here:,2933,152034,00.html The discovery of Al Qaeda's work came only after the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan removed the Taliban from power, the report says. "Al Qaeda's biological program was further along, particularly with regard to Agent X, than pre-war intelligence indicated," the report says. "The program was extensive, well-organized, and operated for two years before September 11, but intelligence insights into the program were limited." Here is something even more frightening: Al Qaeda was studying nuclear weapons and contacted Pakistani scientists to discuss nuclear weapons, it notes. Had this new information not been acquired, and had Al Qaeda been allowed to continue weapons development, a future intelligence failure could have been in the offing." No kidding.

March 30, 2005

Pakistan Feeling Effects of Bush Doctrine Too

Pakistan's ambassador said yesterday the U.S. push for democracy is forcing countries around the world to re-examine their governmental and human rights practices and that Pakistan too will be strongly affected... With democratic structures being established in Afghanistan and the latest protest movements shaking governments in Central Asia, it was inevitable that Pakistan would be affected, he said... Mr. Karamat also said anti-Western leaders like bin Laden had lost their appeal as the political and economic situations began to turn around in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The rest of the story:

March 29, 2005

College Faculty Biased--Says New Study

Finally the mainstream media is covering this problem. Now that people know the problem, perhaps they will ask me for the solution.. In the words of Mr. Burns, "Excellent!"

March 28, 2005

Democracy is Sexy Interesting piece on the power of rebellious teenagers rejecting Islamist Puritanism.

March 26, 2005

The New Advertisement for my Book

The formatting is off, but the Microsoft Word version looks better. Let me know what you think about this ad. Thanks.
Tired of Liberal Profs and Lack of Conservative Ideas on Campus? Learn How to Take Your Campus back. Get your Copy of: The Conservative Revolution: How To Win The Battle for College Campuses By Campus Leader Brendan Steinhauser “The Conservative Revolution is a must-read for serious conservative students at any school. Steinhauser shows young conservatives how to compile reading lists, lobby state legislatures, and run efficient, professional meetings. Steinhauser's well thought-out ideas for recruitment, membership retention, and organization will serve any club Book Review “If the conservative battle to win the hearts and minds of academia is ever won, it will be because of books like Brendan Steinhauser’s The Conservative Revolution..Up to now, many books have shown us how to win the battle. Steinhauser’s book shows us how to win the war.--Clark Patterson, Students for a Colorblind America From the author himself: College campuses today have become bastions of Marxism and political correctness. But conservative students are fighting tooth and nail to combat the grip leftists have on the academy.
Find out how the conservatives are actually beginning to win back their campuses. Order your copy today by visiting or The author served as Executive Director of The Young Conservatives of Texas—UT chapter. He also founded numerous other conservative student groups at UT and elsewhere. He is currently in California organizing The Young Conservatives of California. He is also an editor of the new national magazine for campus conservatives, The Communicator. Steinhauser comments about his progress on college campuses on his blog and regularly infiltrates leftist groups for an upcoming film on the American Left.

March 25, 2005

Iran: What to Do? ARI says "No diplomacy"

Death to "Diplomacy" with Iran European "diplomacy" with Iran--now supported by Washington--is self-destructive. By Elan Journo The widely hailed diplomatic effort led by Britain, France and Germany is touted as a reasonable way to settle the dispute over Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program without any losers. By enticing Iran to the negotiating table, we are told, the West can avoid a military confrontation, while Iran gains "economic incentives" that can help build its economy. But this deal--now backed also by the Bush Administration--can only strengthen Iran and turn it into a greater menace. Read the full Op-Ed at

March 24, 2005

Red China cracking down on internet access

Universities across China are tightening controls on student-run Internet discussion forums as part of a Communist Party campaign to strengthen what it calls "ideological education" on campuses. The effort appears to have provoked a backlash among students. Chinese Communists trying to protect their Marxist ideas against the rebellious college students? Hmm.. sounds familiar... Kind of reminds me of American campuses. Here is the story.

Kyrgyz protestors storm a government building in the capital.

The Tulip Revolution? Kyrgystan tensions mount...

Things are heating up in Kyrgystan again, as the people have risen up against their corrupt government. Is democracy going to come to this land? Only time will tell.

March 23, 2005

Peaceniks support the troops? Hmm.. Looks like this leftist is cheering for the Iraqi terrorists. This makes me sick, but people need to realize the truth about these people.

March 21, 2005

Other Protests in the US Yesterday

See how "peaceful" and "tolerant" the leftists are in other cities. Los Angeles Chicago New York Austin San Francisco

Matt mingling with my favorite Protest Warrior sign.

Ah, The Socialist Worker. They were SELLING these!! I thought socialists hated capitalism???

Matt Fleming holding his own.

This is where the peace monitor told the two Palestinian supporters, "These people are fascists." This was as the leftists were shoving John and Matt Fleming away from their rally.

Ya, that will solve it. Sounds simple enough.

Israel, the only country hated by the leftists more than the US.

Tyrants for liberal peaceniks, the sign held by Saddam himself. Brilliant...

Oh, NOW she hates Saddam! lol

I bet the Iraqis who voted are glad this lady is not in charge. She really doesn't understand the meaning of the purple finger, does she?

March 20, 2005

National Lawyers Guild.. Promoting Communism since the days of Lenin.

Leftists like to use sign language. I think this one means, "I am very upset at you."

You tell em Saddam!

Hey, it's that lady from Celsius 41.11 who likes dictators! Now you can see why.

Socialist Unity Huh?

Power to the people!

Protest Warriors are roaches, according to this leftist flyer...

Same guy, same ugly face.

Anarchists are soo cool!!

Is this the Sunni Triangle? No! It's in California!

Serenity amid chaos.

Peacnik gets aggressive...

Peaceniks Occupy Balboa Park in San Diego—Greet “Dissenters” with Intimidation

(March 19, 2005) On the second anniversary of the liberation of Iraq, the so called “peace protestors” showed their true colors again. In the military town of San Diego, a couple hundred hippies and anarchists gathered in Balboa Park, eerily reminiscent of the latest South Park episode. The local chapter of Protest Warrior, to which this author belongs, was there to play the role of Eric Cartman, to “end the occupation of Balboa Park” by the hippies. The Protest Warriors set up a Patriots Picnic across the way from the radical leftists, and provided a positive alternative to their Bush-hatred and Anti-Americanism. A small cadre of warriors also decided to infiltrate the rally and see what the lefties were up to. This special ops squad had to bypass the police barricade by going around the park and entering from behind. When they got there, the scene was quite a fantasyland of love, peace, justice and pot. Yes, the foul stench of the sacred herb of the left filled the air as the crew entered their turf. One of the protest warriors was dressed as Saddam and held a sign pointing out the apologies the left makes for tyrants. He thanked them for their hospitality and for trying to protect him against the evil American empire. He was followed by a few more warriors holding other provocative signs such as “Except for ending slavery, fascism, nazism and communism, war never solved anything.” One woman, upon seeing such foolishness, said that she wanted Saddam to be freed. Another angry man, when asked if he supported the troops, replied, “F!@#! the troops. F!@# them!” As the infiltration team made its way to the center of the brouhaha, they were surrounded by the surprisingly angry and pushy peaceniks, who began chanting, “Fascist warriors, go away!” The crowd started pushing and yelling at the “little Eichmans” and encouraged them to leave the premises. As the scene became more hostile, the police finally intervened. The irony of the leftists suppressing dissent was apparently not a part of the discussion as they shouted down and followed the group down the sidewalk. As one of the warriors was being interviewed by the local Fox affiliate, a leftist approached him, tried to put a sticker on his face, and then shoved the man while the camera was rolling. This aggressive act was captured on the author’s digital video as well. The funny thing was that the police grabbed them man and then promptly let him go. There can be no denying that this particular group of leftists was not the tolerant, inclusive, civil and diverse group that they claimed to be. Their message was clear: They can protest the war and call George Bush a Nazi and a terrorist, but if anyone dissents from this position, they should be marginalized and even attacked. Today’s events in San Diego are further proof that the “peace movement” is not so peaceful after all. They pay lip service to caring about the troops, when they really don’t support them or their mission. They can be some of the most emotional and violent people active in public discourse. The leftists use the peace movement to promote their insidious and totalitarian ideas while intimidating and harassing those who disagree with them. Because the news media refuses to report these facts, Protest Warriors have taken it upon themselves to expose these radicals for who they really are. And they have the pictures and video tapes to prove it. Brendan Steinhauser lives in San Diego and is the author of The Conservative Revolution: How to Win the Battle for College Campuses.

March 18, 2005

Texas House Republicans Pass Backdoor State Income Tax

RINOS= Republicans in Name Only. There is too much of this going on. Why does the Republican Party violate its own platform so often? This is exactly why I am not a member of College Republicans or Young Republicans. My fellow Texans are mighty angry:

At least these Iraqis know who the good guys are. If the peaceniks had their way, these people would NOT be celebrating.

Radical Islamists in These United States? This is in CALIFORNIA. You would think these guys would cheer for the home team. Guess we know whose side they are on though.

March 15, 2005

The Young Conservatives of California

I will be bringing the conservative revolution to California. I am starting The Young Conservatives of California this summer. Read about my plans here on Free Republic. We will be following the mission and goals of The Young Conservatives of Texas.

March 11, 2005

Why the Left Hates America

Recent conversations with leftists have made me realize how right-on Dan Flynn's book is. Check out "Why the Left Hates America." Inevitably the discussions with leftists about the war on terrorism or the Patriot Act turn into the leftists bashing America as the imperial terrorist state, and as the Islamist radicals as the oppressed peoples. Moral equivalency or purposeful attacks on America? I have come to believe it is the latter, rather than the former.

March 9, 2005

Dan Rather's Last Report

Although he rightfully took heat for showing us forged documents on 60 minutes, I must say I am almost sad to see him go. I grew up watching him and the other anchors merely because Fox News and the Internet were not around. Also, Dan Rather is a fellow Texan, and ya'll know how we Texans have a special bond. I do think his last report is the end of an era. His last report for CBS News signals the end of the old media. Goodbye, and goodnight to broadcast news networks. Your time has passed. Now is the beginning of the bloggers' revenge. It was the blogger's who caused his downfall, and it will be the bloggers' who replace him. I only hope that we do a better job of reporting and fact-checking than CBS News did. To do otherwise is to become that which we resented all those years.

March 8, 2005

Protest Warrior Event--March 19th, Balboa Park, San Diego

The anti-Americans are at it again, marching on the 2nd anniversary of the Iraqi Liberation. Our local chapter of Protest Warrior will be there to confront the hippies, commies and anarchists that hate America and capitalism. Please join us! They call our military “baby killers,” and “war criminals” -- And yet they still claim to “support the troops.” The same group will return to the park on March 19. But this time, they will have company… Saturday, March 19, 2005 – 1:00 to 4:00pm Balboa Park, Sixth Ave. & Laurel St. Sponsored by San Diego Protest Warrior

The leftists show their true colors on Inauguration Day 2005.

Democracy is Contagious--Movement in Kyrgyzstan

The push for reform in the non-integrated world continues... Kyrgyz Opposition Leaders are asking for early presidential elections and for a revote of the flawed parliamentary elections. "The authorities are losing control of the situation. Current developments in southern Kyrgyzstan, where a rally has been going on since March 4, suggest that not only the opposition, but also the people want change in the authorities," said Otunbayeva.

March 7, 2005

The Face of The Cedar Revolution in Lebanon.

March 4, 2005

Rise of the Hawkish Libertarians

I think the trend among young conservatives these days is that they are a little different from those of yesteryear. I'm not just talking about the neocon phenomenon. I am referring to the libertarian bent of the new breed of young conservative. As I wrote in my book, they are less likely to want moralizing in their daily lives. They tend to want less regulations on drugs and guns, and less protectionist trade policies. They tend to like free trade, the free market and free thinking. Religion plays less of a role in their lives, and so do their parents' worldviews. I think that many of these post-911 conservatives are a mixture of rebellious teenagers, South Park Republicans and patriotic former liberals who woke up and smelled the coffee. They realized that the somewhat hedonistic pleasures they often enjoy are threatened by theocratic and fascist Islamists. Its kind of an interesting phenomenon. I am today declaring the rise of the hawkish libertarians so that when it becomes a household name, I can be the "father" of this budding movement. Just kidding. But seriously though, it would be cool.

March 3, 2005

Leftist Losers on College Campuses

YCT is at it again and the left is furious. Here is video. Here is commentary on the event from my friend at Voice in the Wilderness. Here is the letter I sent to the Daily Texan concerning the radical left at UT-Austin. A Daily Texan columnist described the leftists this way, "At one point, I managed to wrestle my way to the front of the crowd and was hit in the back of the head by candy. Yes, candy. The "peaceful" protestors who will simply not stand for violence or hate had taken YCT's candy and baked goods and were literally pelting the members with them. I even got to hear one charming girl yell at the YCT chairman, "Why won't you fight me? I came here to fight. I want a fight." It was horrific; it was mean spirited. It was the mob."

March 2, 2005

Bush's Effect on Freedom in the World

This is an amazing quote from a pro-democracy Syrian. If it is true, then it shows the power of rhetoric and moral support as the keys to bringing change to the Mid-East. I think this is an incredible statement by someone inside Syria who wants the American people and the rest of the free world to support them. As Michael Ledeen says, "Faster, please." NRO: Are the people in Syria liable to be seriously encouraged by the Lebanese? Or is the Baath grip too strong? Ghadry: In my talks with the Syrians inside Syria, they are resisting demonstrating because as one human-rights activist told me: "President Bush has yet to call for freedom for the Syrian people." President Bush needs to give a "Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall" speech to the Syrians. This article by Max Boot in the LA Times also contains a fascinating quote: "It's strange for me to say it," says Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, who would never be mistaken for a Bush backer, "but this process of change has started because of the American invasion of Iraq.""Now with the new Bush administration," confirms former Lebanese President Amin Gemayel, "we feel a stronger determination in liberating Lebanon and in promoting democracy in the Middle East."Maybe, just maybe, those neocons weren't so nutty after all."

Why Don't Leftists Support Democracy Against Fascism?

Recent events in Lebanon got me thinking. I am predicting that the left will not support the pro-democratic elements in Lebanon; just as they have not supported the wars to liberate Afghanistan and Iraq. These are wars that allowed for elections in these countries, mind you. This is from my friend at Front Page Magazine, Jamie Glazov. "Despots and terrorists like Saddam and Osama are the greatest persecutors of all leftist ideals and values. How can the Left not be violently opposed to such figures and the systems they lead? Where are radical Western feminists, for instance, screaming for the rights of women under militant Islam?" I love it. I think it captures the essence of the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to the war on terrorism. Just because they hate Bush, leftists refuse to support wars against terror regimes that would gladly kill them first because of their secular, hedonistic ways. The irony is maddening.

Syria--Leave Lebanon Now!

Another blow to the terror regimes of the Middle East was struck this week. Here is a great piece by Michael Ledeen of AEI on National Review's website: Recent events have proven that Arabs are not only capable but are willing to fight for their freedom and democracy. I guess you could say that Bush and his neocons have been somewhat vindicated by the election in Iraq and the people's uprising in Lebanon. Also, significant changes are occurring in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine and Bahrain. In five years who knows what kind of progress our Arab brothers and sisters will make toward democracy. We should all support them in their brave efforts.

March 1, 2005

Privacy--Violations by Criminals and the Government

My personal bank account just got hacked again. Thanks to Pay Pal and CitiBank, some loser bought himself a laptop with the money from my book sales. I have decided to quit the online banking industry and retreat hermit-like into a privacy kookdom. Enough already. If these small-time criminals can get my money and personal information, just think what the government could do with it if they get it. I have not really been a huge privacy nut until this point, since I didn't fully understand the implications. Now that it has happened to me, I imagine I will be more vocal about such issues. I hope this criminal is enjoying his precious laptop, because if I track him down there will be Texas justice to pay.

YCT Convention a Success

I just returned from Austin, Tx where I attended the 25th anniversary convention of YCT. I was able to meet Fred Barnes and Dinesh D'Souza, two very eloquent and brilliant conservatives. I also got to hear Congressman Ron Paul speak about his libertarian-far-right views on everything from economic policy to foreign affairs. There was a fiery and vigorous debate among the conservatives in attendance. There seems to be a healthy contingent of paleocons, neocons and libertariancons. I, for one, am grateful we have such a vibrant debate in the conservative movement. Unlike the Democrats, we have ideas for moving the country foreward. I cherish being a member of a movement that debates and engages itself in exactly how to achieve our common goals of limited government, individual liberty and the rule of law.