March 20, 2005

Peaceniks Occupy Balboa Park in San Diego—Greet “Dissenters” with Intimidation

(March 19, 2005) On the second anniversary of the liberation of Iraq, the so called “peace protestors” showed their true colors again. In the military town of San Diego, a couple hundred hippies and anarchists gathered in Balboa Park, eerily reminiscent of the latest South Park episode. The local chapter of Protest Warrior, to which this author belongs, was there to play the role of Eric Cartman, to “end the occupation of Balboa Park” by the hippies. The Protest Warriors set up a Patriots Picnic across the way from the radical leftists, and provided a positive alternative to their Bush-hatred and Anti-Americanism. A small cadre of warriors also decided to infiltrate the rally and see what the lefties were up to. This special ops squad had to bypass the police barricade by going around the park and entering from behind. When they got there, the scene was quite a fantasyland of love, peace, justice and pot. Yes, the foul stench of the sacred herb of the left filled the air as the crew entered their turf. One of the protest warriors was dressed as Saddam and held a sign pointing out the apologies the left makes for tyrants. He thanked them for their hospitality and for trying to protect him against the evil American empire. He was followed by a few more warriors holding other provocative signs such as “Except for ending slavery, fascism, nazism and communism, war never solved anything.” One woman, upon seeing such foolishness, said that she wanted Saddam to be freed. Another angry man, when asked if he supported the troops, replied, “F!@#! the troops. F!@# them!” As the infiltration team made its way to the center of the brouhaha, they were surrounded by the surprisingly angry and pushy peaceniks, who began chanting, “Fascist warriors, go away!” The crowd started pushing and yelling at the “little Eichmans” and encouraged them to leave the premises. As the scene became more hostile, the police finally intervened. The irony of the leftists suppressing dissent was apparently not a part of the discussion as they shouted down and followed the group down the sidewalk. As one of the warriors was being interviewed by the local Fox affiliate, a leftist approached him, tried to put a sticker on his face, and then shoved the man while the camera was rolling. This aggressive act was captured on the author’s digital video as well. The funny thing was that the police grabbed them man and then promptly let him go. There can be no denying that this particular group of leftists was not the tolerant, inclusive, civil and diverse group that they claimed to be. Their message was clear: They can protest the war and call George Bush a Nazi and a terrorist, but if anyone dissents from this position, they should be marginalized and even attacked. Today’s events in San Diego are further proof that the “peace movement” is not so peaceful after all. They pay lip service to caring about the troops, when they really don’t support them or their mission. They can be some of the most emotional and violent people active in public discourse. The leftists use the peace movement to promote their insidious and totalitarian ideas while intimidating and harassing those who disagree with them. Because the news media refuses to report these facts, Protest Warriors have taken it upon themselves to expose these radicals for who they really are. And they have the pictures and video tapes to prove it. Brendan Steinhauser lives in San Diego and is the author of The Conservative Revolution: How to Win the Battle for College Campuses.


Akil said...

Here is the San Diego Union-Tribune's account of the protests.

They painted us as the radicals and said that our numbers were small. They even quote one guy on the other side who compared Bush to Stalin. Funny, the leftists had socialist and communist literature at their tables. We did not.

Here is my letter in response to this sorry article:

First, there were not "at least 1000 people" at the anti-war protest. Who counted that many people for the Union-Tribune?

Second, why did you leave out the other part of our motto: Fighting the Left, and Doing it Right ? You sure picked the most negative description of us, didn't you?

Typical. Too bad for you that bloggers reported the real story, and have video to show how obnoxious and violent the "anti-war" protesters were. They were socialists and communists and anarchists. Reporters like you are on the way out. Better go ahead and make way for the blogger's revenge.

The real story is on my blog as well as on

Mainstream media, R.I.P.

Brendan Steinhauser
Protest Warrior San Diego Chapter

Akil said...

I'll have pictures and maybe even video to prove my contentions soon.

Once again, the newspapers and local television stations did a poor job reporting the idealogical make-up of the far-left.

Chase said...

Dirty damn socialists

Chap said...

It was beautiful, man. Next time I gotta find some stilts, and a giant puppet, and some cheap drums....

aaron said...

I don't understand the hypocrisy of some people. I agree with you 100% that attacking someone with opposite views is wrong.

Brendan, I am glad you are stepping aboard the nonviolence movement. (hehe)

Obviously those who were resulting to assaults are not part of the nonviolence movement.

No doubt there are logical idiots out there no matter where on the political spectrum they fall.

Travis Fell said...

Austin had it's own bout of "non-violent" protest, as the local professional protester class made their presense felt.

Check out for a very good video recap of the event.

Press on!