October 29, 2005

The Iraqi Constitution

Here is the text of the Iraqi Constitution. I'll post comments as I read through it. With all the news coverage about the adoption of the document, I feel the need to look it over and analyze it myself.

October 26, 2005

Noam Chomsky a Pseudo-Intellectual

I just got finished reading Noam Chomsky's "Imperial Ambitions." My overall impression is that this guy is overrated as an intellectual. He makes claims without providing any evidence. One of my policy friends described Noam's methodology as "tautology." I think others might call it "strawman" argumentation. Among my favorite quotes from the book: "The Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia was one of the few actions in modern history that might properly called a humanitarian intervention." "The United States will largely become a desert, and Europe frozen, due to global warming." "The Soviets in the Cold War were legitmately frightened and threatened. If they were not, they might not have entered the arms race and built nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles." Chomsky also praised democracy in Haiti and the Canadian health care system. These discussions were pretty laughable. The truly interesting thoughts involved foreign policy. Some of his ideas were probably valid criticisms, if true. [I will discuss these in an upcoming post] But when he argued, again without evidence, that the only reason Bush is interested in Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela is because of oil reserves and pipelines, he lost my attention. It is one thing to say that the "war is all about oil," but it is quite another thing to show some evidence of the motivations behind Congress and President Bush. Let us not forget that members of both parties supported the war, and that President Clinton also saw Iraq and North Korea as security threats. Did Clinton make these remarks, bomb Iraq and nearly go to war with N. Korea because of oil too? The leftists are kind of silent on this question.

October 23, 2005

Canadian Conservatives Organizing

Here is a link to my friend in Ontario, Shameer. Read his post about The Conservative Revolution. Can Canadian Conservatives win the battle for their college campuses? I sure hope so!

How Bad are Things on College Campuses? Bad..

Read this interesting piece by Professor Mike Adams from North Carolina. I urge all of you to write the Africana Studies Department of NC State and ask them why they hired a genocidal racist like Dr. Kambon, who said the following: "..we are going to exterminate white people because that in my estimation is the only conclusion I have come to. We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet to solve this problem." Send your letter to their department here: afs@social.chass.ncsu.edu

October 22, 2005

Believe the Hype

Selvin Young scored two touchdowns as UT proved it belongs at #2 in the BCS. Next up, Oklahoma State Cowboys.

October 21, 2005

Left-Wing Rag Doesn't Like Me

The entire piece is here. And then there are the in-your-face activists, such as Texan Brendan Steinhauser, the national grassroots manager for Freedom-Works. Granted, he hasn't spent much time in Vermont. At 24, he's the youngest person in the room, not counting a baby in the back of the gym. In his presentation, Steinhauser exhorts the audience to be vocal and proud to be conservative. His self-published book, The Conservative Revolution: How to Win the Battle for College Campuses, is for sale at the FreedomWorks table. In it, he writes about his exploits protesting abortion clinics, "femi-nazi rallies" and gay student resource centers on campus. When Steinhauser hears about the Colchester teachers' strike, he offers some advice: "If I was there, I would be out protesting, holding a sign that says, 'Honk if you think teachers should go back to work.'" That hardly sounds nice. Or likable.

October 16, 2005

Coverage of the Vermont Freedom Fest

I had a wonderful time in Vermont this weekend. I spoke to over 100 conservative Vermonters and sold 15 books. FreedomWorks Vermont is doing well, and will only grow stronger, thanks to the hard work of Robert Roper. A special thanks goes out to the Ethan Allen Institute for their great work on the event! Blog hit here. Ethan Allen announcement here. FW press release here.

Texas Rolls Over Colorado.... Who's Next? Tx Tech..

October 14, 2005


I am in Waterbury, Vermont tonight. I will be staying in the state through Sunday. I will be giving a presentation on grassroots activism at the Freedom Fest in Randolph, VT Saturday. So far, VT is a beautiful state. I love the New England way of speaking. There is definitely a unique culture up here. I look forward to meeting a bunch of folks this weekend.

October 8, 2005

Texas Beats the Hell Outta OU!

Vince Young Celebrates after the game today. We had a great time. We sat on the 20 yard line and had a great view of all the touchdowns. Next up, Colorado.

October 7, 2005

OU Sucks!

I am in Dallas this weekend to watch Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns beat OU at the Cotton Bowl. This is OUR year!

October 3, 2005

I am in Colorado Fighting Big Government

For the last few days I have been in Denver and Colorado Springs organizing people to vote against the proposed tax hike that Governor Bill Owens proposed. I have met many wonderful people here in CO, and will be sad to leave. But, our campaign is in good hands with our Colorado and Wisconsin state directors leading the battle. Mr. Armey will be flying in tomorrow to meet with our activists and will try to galvanize our side to "get out the vote" leading up to the election on November 1st.