October 21, 2005

Left-Wing Rag Doesn't Like Me

The entire piece is here. And then there are the in-your-face activists, such as Texan Brendan Steinhauser, the national grassroots manager for Freedom-Works. Granted, he hasn't spent much time in Vermont. At 24, he's the youngest person in the room, not counting a baby in the back of the gym. In his presentation, Steinhauser exhorts the audience to be vocal and proud to be conservative. His self-published book, The Conservative Revolution: How to Win the Battle for College Campuses, is for sale at the FreedomWorks table. In it, he writes about his exploits protesting abortion clinics, "femi-nazi rallies" and gay student resource centers on campus. When Steinhauser hears about the Colchester teachers' strike, he offers some advice: "If I was there, I would be out protesting, holding a sign that says, 'Honk if you think teachers should go back to work.'" That hardly sounds nice. Or likable.


daggahead said...
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daggahead said...

You know, Rush Limbaugh already says all of this conservative BS. You sound like one of his worsheepers.

I hope you're really happy with the way conservatives are ruining this once great democracy we call the United States of America.

Never, ever trust a conservative.

Akil said...

Uh.. what do I say to that comment?

Rush actually is a pretty sharp and funny guy. I agree with him on about 60% of his positions.

Before you say I worship him, you might want to count how many posts mention his name.


Shameer Ravji said...

Great stuff Brendan, bought a copy of your book. As for the daggahead, it's people like you who make me sick. People like you blast real leaders like President Bush and come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories about him and yet stay silent or applaud Castro and Hugo Chavez who are acutally carrying out your conspiracy theories in reality. Nice to see hypocracy on the left is alive and well.