March 18, 2005

Texas House Republicans Pass Backdoor State Income Tax

RINOS= Republicans in Name Only. There is too much of this going on. Why does the Republican Party violate its own platform so often? This is exactly why I am not a member of College Republicans or Young Republicans. My fellow Texans are mighty angry:


Travis Fell said...

I was none too pleased myself.

I've never seen much talk of examining and curtailing public school spending in the whole school finance debate. Too few people are asking "Where is the money going?".

Anonymous said...

Nevada RINOs did the same thing. In 2003 a payroll tax was introduced.

Sad thing is most people are so indoctrinated by the media they won't realize they actually pay this tax.

Same with Social Security. Tell someone they pay 12.45 of thei income to this ponzi scheme and they will say no, they pay only 1/2 that. The employer pays the other half.

I hate to say this but the French are right...we are a bunch of idiots.