March 26, 2005

The New Advertisement for my Book

The formatting is off, but the Microsoft Word version looks better. Let me know what you think about this ad. Thanks.
Tired of Liberal Profs and Lack of Conservative Ideas on Campus? Learn How to Take Your Campus back. Get your Copy of: The Conservative Revolution: How To Win The Battle for College Campuses By Campus Leader Brendan Steinhauser “The Conservative Revolution is a must-read for serious conservative students at any school. Steinhauser shows young conservatives how to compile reading lists, lobby state legislatures, and run efficient, professional meetings. Steinhauser's well thought-out ideas for recruitment, membership retention, and organization will serve any club Book Review “If the conservative battle to win the hearts and minds of academia is ever won, it will be because of books like Brendan Steinhauser’s The Conservative Revolution..Up to now, many books have shown us how to win the battle. Steinhauser’s book shows us how to win the war.--Clark Patterson, Students for a Colorblind America From the author himself: College campuses today have become bastions of Marxism and political correctness. But conservative students are fighting tooth and nail to combat the grip leftists have on the academy.
Find out how the conservatives are actually beginning to win back their campuses. Order your copy today by visiting or The author served as Executive Director of The Young Conservatives of Texas—UT chapter. He also founded numerous other conservative student groups at UT and elsewhere. He is currently in California organizing The Young Conservatives of California. He is also an editor of the new national magazine for campus conservatives, The Communicator. Steinhauser comments about his progress on college campuses on his blog and regularly infiltrates leftist groups for an upcoming film on the American Left.

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