March 1, 2005

YCT Convention a Success

I just returned from Austin, Tx where I attended the 25th anniversary convention of YCT. I was able to meet Fred Barnes and Dinesh D'Souza, two very eloquent and brilliant conservatives. I also got to hear Congressman Ron Paul speak about his libertarian-far-right views on everything from economic policy to foreign affairs. There was a fiery and vigorous debate among the conservatives in attendance. There seems to be a healthy contingent of paleocons, neocons and libertariancons. I, for one, am grateful we have such a vibrant debate in the conservative movement. Unlike the Democrats, we have ideas for moving the country foreward. I cherish being a member of a movement that debates and engages itself in exactly how to achieve our common goals of limited government, individual liberty and the rule of law.

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Michele said...

It was wonderful to see you in Austin, Brendan!!