March 3, 2005

Leftist Losers on College Campuses

YCT is at it again and the left is furious. Here is video. Here is commentary on the event from my friend at Voice in the Wilderness. Here is the letter I sent to the Daily Texan concerning the radical left at UT-Austin. A Daily Texan columnist described the leftists this way, "At one point, I managed to wrestle my way to the front of the crowd and was hit in the back of the head by candy. Yes, candy. The "peaceful" protestors who will simply not stand for violence or hate had taken YCT's candy and baked goods and were literally pelting the members with them. I even got to hear one charming girl yell at the YCT chairman, "Why won't you fight me? I came here to fight. I want a fight." It was horrific; it was mean spirited. It was the mob."

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Rick Reiss said...

Such tactics are so typical of the fascist left. Yet I do think that these emotional outbursts may in time prove to be the last dying gasp of modern day liberalism.

For a great write-up about the rise of campus conservatives, read "On Campus, Conservatives Talk Back" by Brian C. Anderson in the Winter 2005 edition of City Journal.

For article, go to weblink:

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