March 4, 2005

Rise of the Hawkish Libertarians

I think the trend among young conservatives these days is that they are a little different from those of yesteryear. I'm not just talking about the neocon phenomenon. I am referring to the libertarian bent of the new breed of young conservative. As I wrote in my book, they are less likely to want moralizing in their daily lives. They tend to want less regulations on drugs and guns, and less protectionist trade policies. They tend to like free trade, the free market and free thinking. Religion plays less of a role in their lives, and so do their parents' worldviews. I think that many of these post-911 conservatives are a mixture of rebellious teenagers, South Park Republicans and patriotic former liberals who woke up and smelled the coffee. They realized that the somewhat hedonistic pleasures they often enjoy are threatened by theocratic and fascist Islamists. Its kind of an interesting phenomenon. I am today declaring the rise of the hawkish libertarians so that when it becomes a household name, I can be the "father" of this budding movement. Just kidding. But seriously though, it would be cool.


Rick Reiss said...

Here's another good (and more recent) article in covering the phenomenon of "South Park Republicans."

As Bridget Johnson writes:

"The South Park Republican generally agrees with the party line, but just prioritizes the elements within differently than his more staid fellow partisans. He has most likely done an upside-down margarita at some point in life--and may have even enjoyed it--and recognizes the artistic merit in the Ramones and Black Flag."

Yup...that kinda describes me to a "T" read the full article link over to:

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Akil said...

Here is another good story about the libertarian conservatives from Tech Central Station.