March 2, 2005

Why Don't Leftists Support Democracy Against Fascism?

Recent events in Lebanon got me thinking. I am predicting that the left will not support the pro-democratic elements in Lebanon; just as they have not supported the wars to liberate Afghanistan and Iraq. These are wars that allowed for elections in these countries, mind you. This is from my friend at Front Page Magazine, Jamie Glazov. "Despots and terrorists like Saddam and Osama are the greatest persecutors of all leftist ideals and values. How can the Left not be violently opposed to such figures and the systems they lead? Where are radical Western feminists, for instance, screaming for the rights of women under militant Islam?" I love it. I think it captures the essence of the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to the war on terrorism. Just because they hate Bush, leftists refuse to support wars against terror regimes that would gladly kill them first because of their secular, hedonistic ways. The irony is maddening.

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