March 21, 2005

Other Protests in the US Yesterday

See how "peaceful" and "tolerant" the leftists are in other cities. Los Angeles Chicago New York Austin San Francisco


Rick Reiss said...


Your San Francisco link...

has a picture of a Palestinian supporter with a bullhorn. This IS the same FASCIST CLOWN who protested our Temecula Bus 19 event last month.


This guy really gets around! Is he a professional protester or what? Does he have a job or is he paid by the PLO, Hamas or Hezbollah to spend all of his time traveling around the state protesting America, Israel, Jews and Western Civ?


P.S. I will forward to you the photo of him in Temecula during the Bus 19 rally.

Akil said...

I have footage of him discussin the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He thinks everything is a Mossad operation.

Banagor said...

Hey rick,

I took the pictures at that site. I saw the protest at the bus demonstration (I think filmed by Zombie but not sure anymore...I just figure he does most of the documenting of these things), and yup! it's him alright. I recognized him instantly from the pictures posted online from that other demonstration, and the video clips. I instantly knew it was him and he had the same unmistakable "discussion points" he was trying to make as in the video clip.

Also, I believe the "Palestinian" girl in one of my other pictures was also at the bus demonstration. I recognized her face. I think it must be a local MSA kind of group which attends every single ANSWER-type rally.

And Brendan, thanks for linking to my pictures. Much appreciated.

saintknowitall said...

Great stuff. I have been blogging about the Protest Warriors for several months. Glad to see they are getting better known.
Keep up the good work.