March 9, 2005

Dan Rather's Last Report

Although he rightfully took heat for showing us forged documents on 60 minutes, I must say I am almost sad to see him go. I grew up watching him and the other anchors merely because Fox News and the Internet were not around. Also, Dan Rather is a fellow Texan, and ya'll know how we Texans have a special bond. I do think his last report is the end of an era. His last report for CBS News signals the end of the old media. Goodbye, and goodnight to broadcast news networks. Your time has passed. Now is the beginning of the bloggers' revenge. It was the blogger's who caused his downfall, and it will be the bloggers' who replace him. I only hope that we do a better job of reporting and fact-checking than CBS News did. To do otherwise is to become that which we resented all those years.

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ArizCat said...

Remember, "courage"