March 20, 2005

You tell em Saddam!

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Saddam Hussein said...

A 1001 thanks of gratitude to all of you anti-American supporters of Saddam and my brand of Islamofascist terrorism who were in Balboa Park on March 19.

Allah be praised!

I have modeled my Baath Party after so much of your socialist and communist rhetoric and ideologies.

Your hate America demonstration has given me much comfort as I now suffer imprisonment and face death at the hands of the Jews and American pigs.

Not to worry...soon I will be rejoined with my brave sons Uday and Qusay and we will all be indulging with our 72 virgins!

Keep kind thoughts for Saddam...American peaceniks.

Love Always,

Saddam Hussein
Genocidal Dictator of Iraq (Ret.)

P.S. If you peaceniks help break me out of prison and retake my throne in Iraq, I promise to appoint you to very high positions within the Baath Party, the Republican Guard and within a newly reformed Saddam Fedayeen militia.