March 24, 2005

Red China cracking down on internet access

Universities across China are tightening controls on student-run Internet discussion forums as part of a Communist Party campaign to strengthen what it calls "ideological education" on campuses. The effort appears to have provoked a backlash among students. Chinese Communists trying to protect their Marxist ideas against the rebellious college students? Hmm.. sounds familiar... Kind of reminds me of American campuses. Here is the story.


Aakash said...

Dear sir,

I was just checking the latest e-mail that I received from being on the YAF e-mail list, and it took me to this page of their site, where I see that they recently started a "Blog of the Day" program. From there, I just found your fine weblog; it must be new. Congratulations to you for this award... I am glad that you include some good conservative websites and publications on your blogroll (including those that correspond to my brand of conservatism). Keep up the good work here.

Akil said...