August 4, 2005

1st Week in DC

Well, my first week in DC went great. Putting in long hours but I am really enjoying the city. Biggest difference between San Diego and DC? People here walk MUCH faster. This is a city on the run. Lots of action taking place. Sometimes that's good, and sometimes that's bad. My new place is working out well. Pretty close to the Metro Station, and the buses serve to get me from my apartment to the Metro. Not a bad commute at all. I am planning to hit four cities in three important states this fall really hard: Columbus, Pittsburgh, Philly and Charleston, WV. Freedom Works wants to build its membership out there. I can't wait to hit the road for the first time. Should be exciting! 202-942-7612 (my direct line)

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skye said...

Good Luck in this endeavor!

If it were not for Philadelphia and Allegheny counties, Pennsylvania would be a beautiful shade of Red!