July 15, 2005

Moving to D.C.

I just got back from Washington, D.C. where I finally found a place to live. My new address will be 5905 K Coverdale Way in Alexandria, Virginia 22310 I am looking forward to moving out there at the end of July. I start my job the first week in August. My posts will obviously contain notes about what I am doing with Freedom Works, in addition to the progress my friends are making in groups like YCT and YCC. I am excited to take the next step in the "revolution."

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apollo711 said...

I was just looking at my past comment at this weblog.

One of the friends I made from last year's 'National Conservative Student Conference' just e-mailed me, saying that he would not be able to attend this year's Conference, as Finals Week for the Summer Semester is that same week. (That was one key reason that I was unable to attend the Conference in the summers of 2002 and 2003... And in 2002, there was a Club 100 offer that would have allowed me to attend for an entry fee of just $99.00!! It was my friend who was in Club 100 at the time, not me, and he was able to get anyone he knows in to the Conference for that discounted rate... Incidentally, he also had Finals that week, but was apparently allowed to take them early - He said, though, that if they were to move it back by one week, they may be able to get more people...)

Anyway, he reminded me to represent traditionalist conservatism at the Conference (as we did last year... Were you there, too?) - but the thing is, I am not going to be able to attend as well; though I am not in school this summer, full-time work and the cost of attending are the reasons I won't be able to go. (I unfortunately wasn't able to attend 'Freedom Fest' either - it was so hard to find affordable air fare there... That's what probably kept many people from attending.) I saw that you mentioned that you're going to be in D.C.... So are you going to be at this year's Conference? If so, it would be neat for 'live-blogging' to be done from there. I had taken notes at last year's Conference, and was planning to blog about the speakers and their topics, but other than this entry, I didn't end up doing much of that. I had the idea that this summer, though I won't be at the Conference, I could perhaps blog about last summer's... Those topics and speeches are still relevant this year (and will be for some time to come). Well, I hope that you are able to attend the YAF Conference this week, and that it goes well.

By the way, I just looked at your previous entry... We had the Illinois Field Director for 'Freedom Works' as our guest speaker at our third CR meeting of the last academic year... I hope to have him back next semester. [Bruno Behrend now has his own radio show, and continues to be very active in our state... With no national, state, or local elections this year, ours and other CR organizations are going to need things to keep us active.] Best of luck with your new position... It is so impressive all that you are doing, at this age (I may need to talk to you, and get some advice!).

I may need to move to that area myself, before too long... I've been told that that could become necessary, for those of us who are PoliSci majors, and who want to work in that field. Anyway, keep up the great work, and keep us posted on what's going on. Thanks!