August 15, 2005

FreedomWorks in the Washington Times


Aakash said...

This reminds me... I am currently IMing with two of the other CR officers; at one of our meetings last year, we had the Illinois Field Director for Freedom Works, to speak to our members. That was during the Fall 2004 semester, however, when we were very busy with all the elections that were going on... A week after that meeting where he spoke, we had a ground-breaking event on our campus, where we hosted Alan Keyes as a speaker; that went great.

That Freedom Works Field Director later got his own radio show... Check this out at Extreme Wisdom. (Have you heard of him/been to that site before?)

Keep up the good work with what you are doing!

Akil said...

Bruno is our Illinois contact.

We also have state directors in Oregon, Washington, Texas, Wisconsin, Vermont, Florida, North Carolina and Michigan.

I am working on expanding our empire as we speak.