December 15, 2005

My Quote in the Denver Post

Here is an excerpt from the story about FreedomWorks and our immigration reform luncheon. Dick Armey and Governor Owens had a huge disagreement on Colorado's Referendum C, but were together at the luncheon on Capitol Hill this week. This is one of the few times the reporter actually wrote what I said. I appreciate that. December 14, 2005 The Denver Post What a difference an election makes. After slugging it out over November's budget measures, Republican Gov. Bill Owens and former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey are coming together today to think big thoughts on another hot-button issue - immigration. Owens will join Armey, members of Congress and others at a Washington, D.C., lunch sponsored by Armey's conservative group, FreedomWorks.... Brendan Steinhauser, of FreedomWorks, said Owens asked to participate. Steinhauser quoted an "Armey Axiom" - one that when used by Armey sounds like he's talking in the third person - that "the idea is bigger than the man." "It was never personal," Steinhauser said. "It was a very big disagreement on Referendum C, but I think now if they have something that they agree on, they'll sit on a panel and talk about it."

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