December 8, 2005

Excerpt from TCR on Enter Stage Right

Here is the piece I wrote. The battle on campus: The latest generation of conservatives on campus are ready to do battle, explains Brendan Steinhauser in an excerpt from his new book The Conservative Revolution: How to Win the Battle for College Campuses.


Dave said...

I just found your blog, and am glad to see somebody questioning the overly liberal universities. I am in my mid-30's and have returned to the classroom at the University of Houston. There was only one of my classes that I even tolerated the political bias and that was my political science class. But my history professor constantly downplayed George Bush and conservative ideas. And one day in my poetry class it was nothing but a George Bush bashing party, I think I was the only conservative in the class that night. But I just bit my lip and stayed quiet. When you sit in a college classroom these days, these professors think that Bill Clinton founded this country and that he did no wrong. No he didn't do any wrong, sellign weapons technology to china, interns in the oval office, lincoln bedroom stayovers, Osama Bin Laden, etc. just thought I would drop by.

Francisco Gonzalez said...

I would tell Dave to check out the Intercollegiate Studies Institute's website: if he wants a more adequate education that what is (or isn't) provided in the classroom.

Also, go to and download (for free) the Student's Guides to U.S. History, American Political Thought, and 10 other subjects.

Akil said...

Francisco is right on. You need to supplement your left-wing "re-education" with some great books. ISI provides these.

For the best tactical guide to building a conservative group on you campus, buy a copy of The Conservative Revolution: How to Win the Battle for College Campuses.