August 20, 2005

Protest Warrior Confronts Hippies in San Diego

This story was written about the "Occupation of Balboa Park" in San Diego in 2005. I actually have some great film from this protest. The local chapter of Protest Warrior was there to greet ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice. Things turned out to be pretty ugly. Again, GREAT fun.


M. Simon said...

This hippie voted for Bush.

I voted for the communist Obama over the theocon Keyes. Why? I can't abide theocons.

It is past time to judge folks by their positions and not their hair styles or modes of dress.

Jeannie said...

Liberal "peace" rallies always show their true colors; the foul language, the hatred, the name calling, thier lack of facts to debate, the ripping up of opposing signs, thier pushing & threatening of violence to others. Liberals are quite the opposite of what they claim to be and of what they claim to stand for. Peacefull? Tollerant? Believers of free speach? ONLY if you believe as they do! ONLY if you think as they do! To Liberals, you are not allowed to have a different opinion. Debate a Liberal and you will see what I mean. :) God Bless America! Freedom for ALL!!!