August 22, 2005

Joan Baez is an Idiot--And still spouting leftist propaganda

"I think Cindy [Sheehan] and the women have impeccable credentials -- no matter how hard people try to slander and assassinate their personalities, it is impeccable credentials," Baez said. "I think they simply can't be not listened to."

What? One can almost see Joan's pot smoke "blowin in the wind."

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M. Simon said...

This Dead Head for Bush thinks you should judge people by the content of their character and not theintoxicants they prefer.

BTW pot is safer than alcohol. No known overdoses. You can't even say that about aspirin.

Besides prohibition is Republican Socialism: price supports for criminals.

The Rs need to wise up or they might find themselves in 1932 all over again. There is a war to win and they are wasting valuable investigative resources on pot smokers?

On top of that Nixon cranked up the drug war for political purposes: a way to smite his enemies. The man was scum.

Now about Iran. Faster please.