September 7, 2006

Catholic Church invites atheist, pro-abortion professor to speak

It is sad to report, but a local parish in the Victoria, Tx Diocese invited UT professor Robert Jensen to speak to the faithful at the end of the month. I have contacted the church office and informed them of Jensen's views on abortion and homosexuality, but they have not decided to cancel his appearance. I have initiated an email campaign to urge Catholics to call the parish and the diocese and ask why someone with his views would be invited to speak. I have not determined yet whether he will receive payment, nor whether the Bishop knows about his views. I will post updates as I get them.


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Max Goss said...

Can you post the email address and phone number of the church here on your blog?

Brendan Steinhauser said...

Sure, the Church hosting Bob Jensen is:

Holy Family of Joseph, Mary
and Jesus Church
704 Mallette Drive
Victoria, Texas 77904
(361) 573-5304 (office)

For more information about the hosts:

Anonymous said...


Could you post some of his quotes concerning Jesus, and/or Christianity? I do not think our local priest is aware of this and I would like to hand him something on paper for him to read.


Anonymous said...

This priest is not a man of god,but a man who likes to look good to the lefties on paper.In my opinion,it shouldve been stopped right then and there and he shouldve been excommunicated.Those who are men of the church have a duty and responsibility to defend and preserve the faith and to denounce opposing faiths.The man invited to speak shouldve been laughed at and made a fool of,not listened to.So should the priest for inviting him.