July 14, 2006

Coalition for America's Future

Today I met with a few of the leading conservative groups who are trying to provide resources for college students faced with overwhelmingly leftist universities. It was the inaugural meeting of the Coalition for America's Future, led by Chaz Sirame and Jo Jensen of Students for Saving Social Security. The meeting's purpose was to bring together some of the leaders of organizations that share one common goal: bringing the conservative revolution to college campuses. The coalition included S4, along with the College Republicans, Leadership Insitute, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Accuracy in Academia, Claire Boothe Luce Institute, FreedomWorks, Independent Women's Forum, Institute for Humane Studies, Students for Life, Students for Prosperity and Young America's Foundation. We also received interest from Students for Academic Freedom, Bureaucrash and Network of Enlightened Women. I am confident that if these unique groups work well together, sharing student contacts, hosting events together, and generally keeping the lines of communication open, the Left will be overpowered by both superior intellectual ideas and better organization. This goal is exactly why I wrote The Conservative Revolution: How to Win the Battle for College Campuses in the first place. I wanted to make students aware of the resources at their disposal, and educate and motivate them to take back their campuses from the grip of the far Left. I think after today's meeting, we are one step closer to seeing this come to fruition. My sincere thanks goes out to the groups that attended the meeting, and also those that will join our cause in the near future.

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