June 27, 2006

Flag Amendment Defeated

The Senate rightfully rejected a constitutional amendment to ban desecration of the flag. Clearly the first amendment to the constitution protects political speech such as this. The FreedomWorks Day went well in North Carolina. Professor Mike Adams gave a wonderful talk, and our members stormed the state capitol and lobbied on taxes, education, property rights and toll roads. Pictures will be posted on FreedomWorks.org later this week.


Anonymous said...

Mike Adams is an terrific profesoor at UNC. I read his columns all the time at Townhall.com

I wish I had a few instructors like him when I was attending San Diego State.

Shameer Ravji said...

I'm glad at least one conservative agrees with me on this issue. Personally, I think these issues of marriage, flag burning, and violent video games are just a pathetic attempt to run out the clock on this do-nothing Congress. Just goes to show you how the GOP aren't particularly proud of their lack of achievements during this Congress.