April 9, 2006

US to Strike Iran?

Read an account of U.S. plans for nuclear attack against Iran's weapons development sites here. Congressman Ron Paul and others urge restraint on the Iran question. I must say that I support striking the Islamist regime of Iran, but I do not want to see us deploy troops there. In fact, I don't think we can even consider that possibility in light of our current commitments. There is also real concern for retaliatory terrorist attacks by Iran against our interests and population centres. As in Iraq, there are no easy answers. Here are some excerpts from Rep. Paul:

"Already the coordinating propaganda has galvanized the American people against Iran for the supposed threat it poses to us with weapons of mass destruction that are no more present than those Saddam Hussein was alleged to have had."

"What will it take for us to learn from our failures?"

"Common sense tells us the war in Iraq soon will spread to Iran. Fear of imaginary nuclear weapons or an incident involving Iran – whether planned or accidental – will rally the support needed for us to move on Muslim country #3. All the past failures and unintended consequences will be forgotten."

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