March 6, 2006

Mark Steyn on Jihad and Our Response

Mark Steyn has a great piece in the March 13 issue of National Review. "The last few weeks have made me consider not the possibility that we might lose this thing but that we might lose it more easily than even the gloomiest of us thought." In this piece Steyn analyzes the necessity of intervention when dealing with the onslaught of terrorism. He writes, "Europe's problems don't nullify the Bush Doctrine so much as present a more urgent case for it." "The hyperpower has to be engaged with the world, if only because splendid isolation is rarely seen as such by others." In other words, our enemies will only see weakness. He concludes, "The point is that for great powers detachment from the affairs of the world is not an option. Evenhandedness by Washington will be received as a form of one-handedness by the time its effects are felt in Wackistan or Baskethazia. In other words, isolation doesn't travel."

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