January 6, 2006

Number One

Texas upset USC 41-38 to win the national title at the Rose Bowl. I will never forget that game. I was in the stands watching Vince shred USC for over 460 yards and 3 touchdowns. What a season! Hook Em Horns!!!


Anonymous said...

That’s great that you got tickets! And the game was definitely the “Vince Young Bowl.” If the Heisman Trophy voting took place after the BCS – instead of before it – I think even Reggie Bush knows who would have won the trophy this year! It was almost like Young – with his performance – was making a personal statement about who the best player in college football was this past year.

Watching on TV, it really looked like Young was a superman among mere mortal players. Two of his three rushing touchdowns, he went into the end zone standing up! Did it look the same in person at the game?

Brendan Steinhauser said...

He was indeed amazing.

I definitely think Young made a case for being the best player in college football this year.

Reggie simply was outshined and outscored by Vince.

As I wrote on this blog many times before, Texas deserved to be in the big game. And once there, they proved their worth.