December 27, 2005

End of Year Book List

Every year, I write down the books I have read, and think about the books I want to read. I typically mix in literature with lots of politics. Now everyone can see where I get some of my zany ideas! Literature 1. Death of a Salesman 2. The Sun Also Rises 3. The Teeth of the Tiger 4. Tom Sawyer 5. Metamorphosis 6. The Merchant of Venice 7. The Importance of Being Earnest Politics 1. South Park Conservatives 2. Hating Whitey 3. The Pentagon's New Map 4. God and Man at Yale 5. Second Treatise on Government 6. One World 7. Diplomacy 8. The Road to Serfdom 9. The American Cause 10. Redeeming the Time 11. YAF Guide to Student Activism 12. Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal 13. For the New Intellectual 14. Students' Guide to Liberal Learning 15. Imperial Ambition 16. Selected Federalist Papers 17. Hegemony or Survival 18. Capitalism and Freedom 19. What Uncle Sam Really Wants 20. 911 21. Media Control 22. The Conscience of a Conservative 23. Armey's Axioms 24. Militant Islam Reaches America

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