December 18, 2005

Bush Above the Law? Sad turn in the war on terror...

This story disturbs me. As you all know, I am a supporter of liberating the Afghan and Iraqi people. I support defeating the people who mean to destroy our civilization. But, I am becoming more worried about the power that our President is using in an effort to fight the war on terror. Recent reports of spying on Americans by the NSA, without court approval, as required by the FISA law, are appalling. The President has been circumventing the law, and has no legal basis to stand on. On Meet the Press today, Secretary Rice could not provide an answer to Tim Russert's question: "By what authority can the administration employ this type of domestic surveillance?" She replied that the Presidential has "constitutional and statutory authorities" to eavesdrop on citizens. I am sorry, but that is simply not enough for me. The language sounds like Orwellian doublespeak. I cannot support this President's disregard for the law, nor the other recent government actions in the name of our security. 1. Placing propaganda in Iraqi newspapers by paying journalists there. 2. Keeping extensive records on American citizens who protested the war. 3. Arguing that torture should be allowed, and setting up secret CIA prisons in order to do so. 4. Declaring American citizens "enemy combatants" without charging them with a crime. Enough is enough. It is time to speak out against this federal power grab that is being made in the name of making us more secure. I have been patient, and have shrugged off a lot of questionable government policies, but can no longer do so. Taken together, these actions violate of the spirit of our republic, and have accomplished what the terrorists sought to do: dismantle our free and open society, and allow our leaders to infringe upon our most basic rights.


JJ Glendenning said...

I am Democrat who supported the war on terror and liberating Iraq. However, this I can not support the trampling of our 4th admendment rights.

With the FISA court and the 72 hour rule there is no need for this extreem trampling of our rights.

Andy said...

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Clark Patterson said...

Hey Brendan,

I agree completely! And you have more credibility on these matters since you are definitely NOT on the political left. I was also glad to see the ARI concerned as well about this executive branch power grab.

I think you and I still disagree somewhat on what might eventually happen in Iraq and Afghanistan down the road. In fact, I'll post something about that in the next couple of days, now that I have a little more time.

Keep fightin' da power and Hook 'Em Horns!