November 6, 2005

Virginia Tech Gets Dropped by Miami

I guess all those people who tried to say V-Tech was in the same league as USC and Texas were wrong after all. Hate to say "I told you so" but.. Marcus Vick is nowhere close to being on the same level as Vince Young or Reggie Bush.


Francisco Gonzalez said...

Before last night, I thought Virginia Tech was the BEST team in the nation. They have a great defense and amazing special teams, and they have a "Vick" in the offense. They destroyed some good teams already - not just beat, but destroyed, including that whomping of then 15-ranked Georgia Tech.

But, after last night, I am convinced Miami is the BEST team in the nation right now. We just had a bad opening game, which despite playing sloppily, we still almost won. But, we have a loss, and there are 3 teams that don't: Alabama, USC, and Texas.

The SEC is clearly the best overall conference, with the ACC in second. I'd say the Big 10 and Pac-10 are about even with each other all around. The Big 12 sucks this year.

That said, if those 3 above go undefeated, I'd vote for an Alabama-USC game. However, Alabama is in too tough of a conference and will surely lose at least one game.

Once Alabama loses, a single loss by Texas or USC will put Miami in the driver's seat to Pasadena. We not only beat the #3 team in the country, we did it on their home turf, and we TROUNCED them. C-A-N-E-S... GO CANES!

No matter if we get a chance to play for the national title, I am on cloud 9 right now. We showed the nation who we are. I don't think USC, Texas, or Alabama wants to face us in January.

Akil said...

Wow. Talk about being blinded by one's loyalty.

It's easy to say that no one wants to play Miami, because USC and Texas would rather play each other. No other teams are even being considered for the Rose Bowl, and rightfully so.

Miami lost to FSU, who got beat by NC State. Miami will probably get beat by FSU again in the ACC title game.

Alabama will not escape the SEC without a loss.

What's with all this East Coast bias in College Football? Just like Tupac was better than Biggie, the West is where it's at.

The choice is clear: USC vs. Texas

Akil said...

One more thing:

Miami beat an overrated V-Tech team that turned the ball over repeatedly. Marcus Vick comes nowhere close to the best players in the game.

Francisco Gonzalez said...

Did you see those turnovers? Completely forced by an unstoppable Miami defense!

I'm not blinded by loyalty... I thought Miami would get beat last night, perhaps handily. They impressed me big time. And, I'm not the only one.

Also, you say, "Alabama will not escape the SEC without a loss." Why? Because Alabama actually plays good teams in their conference.

East coast bias might be well deserved bias.

Akil said...

Alabama put up a paltry 17 against Miss. State, beat Tennessee 6-3 and beat Ole Miss 13-10. They sneaked by So. Miss by 9 points and beat Utah State and Middle Tenn. State. Not very impressive overall. LSU and Auburn remain on the schedule, and I think both have a good shot.

On the other hand, Texas has blown EVERYONE except Ohio State out. Here's the rundown for points scored by Texas from game 1: 60,25,51,51,45,42,52,47,62. Oklahoma St. scored the most (28)on a night that we still dominated.

We have the most exciting player in college football outside of Reggie Bush, and have beaten teams ranked 4, 10 and 24 thus far. Yet you would rather see Alabama play USC? I have said that Texas has been overrated a few of the last 6 years, but I can say that this year we are clearly one of the top two teams in the nation.

But that's why we play the games. :)

Francisco Gonzalez said...

If Alabama wins out - meaning they'd have to beat LSU, Auburn, and Georgia (in the SEC title game) 3 weeks in a row... then there is no way we can say they don't deserve a spot in Pasadena.

I don't think they'll accomplish this task, that's too tough of a schedule, and as you pointed out they've squeaked by a few of the lesser teams in the SEC, so time will only tell.

On top of that... Texas and USC both have weak schedules, but each of them did pull out one tough game each - Ohio State and Notre Dame. I'll give them that.

But, I'm still hoping... Alabama loses once (or more) and somehow, in some miracle, either Texas or USC gets upset down the stretch, allowing Miami (who still has to win out) to find a spot in Pasadena, where they will kick some ass and settle the score.

However, back to reality... Miami will probably win out and get a spot in the Orange Bowl, which might be the best scenario for me, because I might get the chance to see them play at the OB while I'm down in Miami for the holidays. I just hope they win out, no matter where they end up.