November 16, 2005

A Letter from a Soldier in Iraq

I received this email today from a soldier in Iraq who heard about our efforts here to counter-protest Leftists that despise the military... I'd love to go [to the protest] man, but im in Iraq right now. Yell at those hippies for me, and I hope everything goes well. Here is a little something you can tell them: My friend was in a city [not to be named, for security reasons] and a woman came up to him and asked if he could take her and her daughter home with him to America. He told her he wanted to but couldn't, and then she proceeded to take her daughter and force her into his arms and said at least take my daughter. Again he said he could not, and she understood, and thanked him profusley for being there and offered him dinner from her home. Tell those hippie Leftists that the reenlistment rate is through the roof over here...EVERYONE is reenlisting that has the opportunity, because we have the first-hand knowledge of what is REALLY going on, and it is not what CNN tells everyone. Now, I wanna thank you guys for doing what you are doing. It helps us realize there are people back home who are willing to stand up to what's wrong. They protest and the more they protest, the more they make the sacrifice my buddies and I have made in vain. It is just not right. So, do what you guys do best....Give'em hell boys. Ryne

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