November 2, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Didn't Visit Troops at Walter Reed

Although the MSM won't report this, I'll say it anyway. Last Friday a couple of friends and I followed Cindy Sheehan into Walter Reed to see if we could get a picture with her. Admittedly, my friend's intention was to give her the finger as I snapped the photo, so we weren't entirely being upstanding citizens that night. But, our plans were thwarted, because Cindy didn't spend more than 5 minutes in the facility. We followed her down the elevator, and to the latrines. We watched her enter the ladies' room as her bodyguard/handler or whatever he was stayed outside and eyed everyone who walked by. Cindy came out of the bathroom, walked straight up the stairs and out the door. We were stunned. Not only had she not met with any soldiers, she didn't even seem to try to make it seem as though she did. AND she had her face covered by a scarf the whole time she was inside. What a phony! No one should believe any reports that say Cindy delivered cards and candies to the soldiers, because all she seemed to have time for was to... well, I won't even say it... If someone is going to pretend that they care about the soldiers and the other victims of war, then that person should at least take the time to talk with them, instead of using them as political pawns in their sick addiction to a self-absorbed 15 minutes of fame.

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