November 21, 2005

Award from Free Republic

I just found out I received an award last year from Free Republic. Thanks to those who decided to bestow this honor upon me. It means a lot coming from some of the most dedicated and hardcore conservatives in the country!! COLLEGIATE - The annual Free Republic Network "Collegiate" Eagle Award is given to a student who had completed his or her twelfth grade level of education prior to the awards year. During the awards year they will have been enrolled in and attended college, have shown that they possess good character and an understanding of conservative values, and have exhibited the leadership skills that would help spread those traits across their peer community. Bstein80, Brendan Steinhauser, is the author of an incredible book aimed at college students called “The Conservative Revolution - How to Win the Battle for College Campuses”. He is the former Executive Director of The Young Conservatives of Texas at UT-Austin. Brendan and his group received national media attention with their very successful Support the Troop rally(s). His book is filled with practical suggestions on how to further the conservative movement on campuses and is one I will be using on the campus of our local college as we set up a chapter of Students for Academic Freedom. He mentions the good work of several times in his book.

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Shameer Ravji said...

Congrats on your award.