September 25, 2005

Today's Pro-Mission Rally

Just got back from the mall. President Bush flew over our rally. When he did so, our crowd cheered and the opposition jeered. Conservatives are just not that used to protesting and rallying, which is frustrating. That is the main reason our numbers were so low. I'd say we had 300 to 400 or so. At least C-Span covered our rally. My main frustration is the lack of reporting on the organizers of the anti-war rally. They were an assortment of Stalinists, anarchists and Sheehanistas. This was the Far Left fringe in this country. Today, some skinny punk kid wearing commie gear yelled at me, saying he wanted to fight us in the streets in an armed revolution. That was quite distrubing, although I must say that I am confident that not only am I probably better armed, I am a better shot.


Anonymous said...

There were between 1000 and 1500 at the rally Sunday. Where did you hear 3-400.

Akil said...

I guess I estimated the number of attendees based on my own observations. I really don't think there were 1000. But numbers really don't matter as much as it might seem. Elections count, however. And we all know how the ant-war candidate fared.