September 21, 2005

FreedomWorks on Radio Tomorrow

I will be co-hosting our montly radio show on tomorrow at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific. Next month, I will be taking over for Nick Bouknight, who will be leaving FreedomWorks to work for the House Ways and Means Committee. Tune in tomorrow to hear about our lobbying trips on Capitol Hill, as well as our press conference with Senator Jim DeMint on Social Security. Nick will host most of the show, and I will join him around 2:30pm Eastern. Tomorrow morning I will be on Capitol Hill with our activists from Washington, Oregon and Utah, lobbying their Congressman and Senators. Things have been going great this month at FreedomWorks, and we plan on having one more group fly into DC next week.

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SallyM said...

Hi Brandon,

My name is Sally Morem. I've occasionally written comments on Free Republic as TheLeftIsEvil. I've long been a libertarian-leaning conservative. I'm so sick of the America-hating Left. I'd like to help fight them.

Sally Morem