September 25, 2005

Compare the attractive girl on our side, with the not-so-attractive women on THEIR side. Man I'm glad I'm a conservative!


Anonymous said...

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JHouserok said...

Man Brendan, you really need to put up a check on the trolls that post on your site. You can do that easily by requiring them to put the letters from a pic down below. It's easy, just do it.

Anonymous said...

let me get this straight. you're a political consultant and writer, however the first thing you choose to write about is how the conservatives are more attractive than the liberals? great demonstration of your in-depth knowledge of politics. how about commenting on something that actually backs what conservatives stand for instead of sounding like a sexist pig? or at least try to prove the liberals wrong...???

Akil said...

Actually, it was not the first thing I wrote about the rally. Blogs tend to post the newest stuff on top. The picture of the ladies came later. And please don't throw around the "isms" so nonchalantly. It bores me.

Anonymous said...

I meant in this post, genius. Of course that's what blogs do. That is what any website does. So, now that we've established we're both educated on the ways of the internet, please think about what I have written before posting a response. (You are making yourself look ridiculous on your own blog.)


Grady Mascetti said...

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