August 26, 2005

Campus Groups to Watch this fall

Two of the strongest campus groups in the country could be on opposite ends of the fruited plain. Keep an eye out for Ryan Sorba's College Republican club at Cal-State San Bernardino and Adam Nicholson's CR club at Patrick Henry College in Virginia. Ryan raised a firestorm last year when he published a professor watch list, calling on students to boycott professors who used their classrooms for indoctrination. One teacher even gave a student a failing grade because she disagreed with her political beliefs. This fall, Ryan has a few things up his sleeve, and is sure to make quite a splash when school starts in a few weeks. Adam's club will certainly challenge Ryan's for the best club in the nation. I had the pleasure of watching Adam work as an intern at FreedomWorks. He is a bright, energetic, hard working guy who knows a thing or two about politics. His club will make a real difference this year. You can bet on it. Good luck to all campus groups out there! If you need anything, feel free to call me. Viva la revolucion conservador!!!

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