June 24, 2005

Supreme Court Legalizes Theft of Private Property

The story is here. This is a travesty. The rationale for taking one's private property is that it will provide economic benefits to the city. Basically, the self-appointed Philosopher-Kings have destroyed another principle upon which our country was founded. And, in other news: the House passed a Constitutional Amendment to ban flag burning. There goes free speech. What is America becoming?

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ChairoNoMe said...

I have to say, I really agree with you on this. I might have progressive views, but we can find common ground on a few issues.

Corporations should NEVER be able to seize private property. There's no shortage of land in America, so if people don't want to move, they shouldn't be made to.

I forget the exact senator or representative that said this, but this individual said in response to the anti-flag burning amendment something along the lines of "there are those who wrap themselves in the American flag as a symbol of patriotism while denying the freedoms that that flag stands for." Such a brilliant quote.

To answer your question of what America is becoming: America is becoming a corporate-dominated landscape, where the people are bombarded with so much information that they just tune out and stop becoming true citizens. They don't vote, they don't write their congresspeople, and they definitely don't protest anything. The reason why these laws are passing is because a lot of people just have lost faith in the democratic process.

"We have become a nation locked into television. And television no doubt has helped to replace civic action."

You might be suprised that the above quote is from a recent email sent by Ralph Nader. No matter what you think of the guy and his politics, you probably agree with what he said. I hope that us as a nation can get past all our partisan bickering and just continue to push the REAL issues, like motivating people to turn off their friggin' TV and get involved in our democracy. Right now, people should be writing their congresspeople and raising hell, otherwise, what reason would they have to listen to us?